Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Beautiful weather. Monsoon season is upon us. Heavy downpours in the matter of seconds then clearing just as quickly. First the wind came powerful, knocking all of our chicken coops over...chickens toppled upside down in their cages. Hubbie, our son and I worked in the rain to get them back up and backed further under their tree to give them better shelter from the rain and wind. Then the rain came and the power went out..several times. Finally clearing, the sun shone in just enough to make two beautiful rainbows appear right in front of our home.

Sharing some music...our son LOVES Owl City..and we just came across several beautiful Christian songs he has done. You can't help but think of the Lord as you gaze upon this beautiful earth...the beauty in nature, the rainbows, the weather- God is Amazing. We are so blessed.

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