Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chess & Crab Ceviche

Our son's favorite game has become Chess...only learning the game from Dad at the beginning of the month he has come quite a long way. Momma learned from Daddy at the same time..but out of our 4 games played last night, Momma only won 1 of them! This boy has some strategy! He's such a little thinker. So, being that we had been playing 'computer' chess..he was more than over the moon when Daddy showed up from his trip out of state with a wooden African carved small chess set for him. And of course Dad didn't forget his girls...a pair of knee high black boots for our daughter and a book for Momma - he was so thoughtful in his surprises. We are blessed to have him home with us again!

So our family evening last night consisted of Chess, a Movie- "Hook" and some Crab Ceviche & Avocado Salad for dinner...yumm...and a lot of sitting in front of the fans attempting to cool off from this heat!

Love our family evenings.

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