Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our Quiet Family 4th

Its wonderful to be surrounded by friends, people you love, a big group gathering in celebration...but at times is wonderful as well to keep it small be just with family and enjoy the quiet of each other. Our family 4th was just the 4 of us, nothing big but just perfect in our eyes. We all went out in the morning for some breakfast bagels and to pick up our daughters camping supplies then home. Daddy taught us all how to play games were played between all. The boys, daddy and son went swimming for quite a long while to cool off in our little porch pool. Our daughter sewed and read and her and I played a game of chess with her and went in and out, visiting with the boys then spending one on one time with her. A few video chats with grandparents, missing them on this holiday and a phone call with a special great grandparent. Then the day turned to dinner time quickly...the boys showering, kids snuggled up on the couch for a movie while husband and I started cooking to feed hungry bellies. Hamburgers (okay veggie burgers), Macaroni Salad and Chips...and some S' Mores for dessert. Finishing the movie and finishing our supper, we packed up in the car and headed to town for fireworks. Beautiful as always. Kids were tired, we were tired, but it was a wonderful day spent, enjoying each other. Home...another late night movie- sure its a holiday and daddy is on vacation, why not. Midnight to bed...and even now little ones still sleep sound in their beds as this momma types.

Happy Independence Day to all! God Bless your families & America!

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