Friday, May 17, 2013

A Blessed Moment....

Take care that every moment of each day is precious, to be remembered, to be lived in fully. I believe that's one of the greatest things that has changed about myself since we moved out of state to a slower paced life. That stop and smell the roses has really awoken in me. Although I pursued this in our busy past life it was more difficult as the city had a way of pushing even when I was trying to stand still.

On our visit to Cali, we had a morning at the park. I love to run on the playground, swing on the swings, play tag and explore with both my children- but on this day, they both were so engaged with new friends I was able to take a quiet moment just to sit, to be, to watch.

With no older children at the park, several little girls who exclaimed to be 3, 4 and 5 took interest in my 12 nearly 13 year old daughter. A few years back her attitude may have been slightly different, to be annoyed or disinterested, but growing up more so now and being a part of our home school community where age does not limit us, have any boundaries and everyone is the same, she gladly accepted these young girls friendship and taught them, led them, encouraged them.

What a blessed moment to see her in this role. 

Be thankful and take to heart all of the blessing you have each day.

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