Thursday, May 30, 2013

Burro's & Lake Trip

Yesterday we stayed home while hubbie had a work training, we all read quietly, our son with his Dr. Seuss books, our daughter drew and read and I read and even took a short nap. We all did some household chores then took our daughter to Ballet in the later afternoon so she could spend several hours practicing before their upcoming performance this Saturday. Today she is also practicing four hours this afternoon- hard work, but she loves every moment of it and enjoys spending time with her friends as well. Today after a morning of working in the yard, cleaning up and taking care of all of our animals, we packed up and headed to the lake before our daughters Ballet practice and before hubbie had to get into bed to sleep for work tonight.

Knowing they live in the area, but never seeing them down on the 'beach' area of the lake, today was a surprise to come across two burro's grazing in the grass right in front of our usual lake spot. They didn't even seem bothered when more people arrived as the afternoon went on.
Relaxing, resting, floating, it was a beautiful day spent together.

Hope the gorgeous weather finds you outdoors enjoying your family as well!

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