Saturday, May 25, 2013


What is it about swinging that sets you free, makes you feel like you can do anything. Feet swaying in the wind as you hold on, breeze through your face and hair, seeming to go so very high to the sky yet coming back down to ground your feet on the floor. While our daughter went to a friends house to swim for the day my son and I had a day together- gymnastics, lunch and the park. Asking me to swing with him, I joined him and we both swung quietly....listening, watching, relaxing, enjoying. Then all of the sudden ginormous bursts of laughter erupted from him as he found if he leaned back a little, the wind caught his pants and filled them with air, blowing them up. His laugh is contagious and I couldn't help but join and laugh as well- each time the pants blew up, his laughter erupted even louder. Such simple things amuse. Some times as adults we need to just let go and laugh at these simple things- the laughter sets your soul free, lightens everything going on around you.

Pure enjoyment with my son.

The weather was so beautiful as the sun began to go down, so we spent the eve outside. The kids drew pictures while I worked on some paperwork, and we all talked, laughed and enjoyed being outdoors. They took turns between climbing the tree, playing tag and drawing pictures.

We marveled at how the farmers work so quickly on the fields next door- last night they were barely bailed and this morn, the entire field was complete with bails covering the land. It never gets old watching them work.

To more glorious weather so that more outdoor adventures can be had.

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