Monday, May 13, 2013

Plant Viewer, Duckling Fun, Car Check for Road Trip

Last week went by in a flash, only home for Monday and Tuesday then we traveled most of Wednesday, spent two nights at my parents, the kids grandparents house and were back on the road on Friday by lunch time. Always wish these trips lasted longer, but we are truly looking forward to our June trip in which we'll be staying a week or so. Hopefully with some more time it won't feel so quick, go by so fast or leave us missing every one as much! Even short, we love and cherish all the time and moments we get with our family.

Plant Viewer
Before heading out on our mini vacation, we did a little indoor 'gardening', using a Plant Viewer bought a while back.  The instructions were easy and our son was able to follow them and do this project with minimal help.  He really liked that it came with a chart to chart the growth of the plants. Science is one of his loves, anything he can really get hands on with.

Duckling Fun!
We can not get over how much these little ducklings have grown each day, each week. They are full of personality and so much fun. We have begun to put together idea's on enclosures and where they will move soon once too big for their plastic tub which currently houses them! 
 I love the pure enjoyment they bring my children, I love the expressions on my kids faces...

Car Check, Boy Time
I hold high appreciation for my husband who can fix just about anything and if he doesn't know how, he'll find out. My son, following in daddy's footsteps- quickly getting on his shoes yelling out 'wait for me' when daddy went to check my car out before our road trip. I couldn't help snap just a few pictures as I listened to my son ask questions about the parts, what they were going to do and how everything worked.  While listening I felt a warmth in my heart knowing that my husband's dad, recently passed would be so proud, would be smiling and if he was here, would be right there helping and being with my two boys. 

Now rested from our quick trip, we look forward to spending the week, taking care of some errands, heading to the library, planning a lake trip and learning together. 

We unofficially are saying this is our last week of school- next week we will be heading out of town to go ice skating for the day and out to lunch for an end of the year party just us and the kids, but our learning as always will continue year round, throughout the summer we will play, read, and learn as well go on vacation, visit family and have fun!

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