Sunday, May 26, 2013

Building....Cheap Duck Enclosure, Desk Converted Play Kitchen

With the weekends brings staying at home due to me working. No complaints really, as housework gets done, play is had, movie night each eve, quality family well as work gets done!

Cheap Tote Duck Enclosure
Saw this idea for bantam chickens online...and we made our own modifications...The first building project nearly complete....a transition duck enclosure- our ducklings are now 6 weeks old, and getting their feathers in, quacking up a storm and growing like weeds...their one plastic tote just doesn't cut it, so we added an attached tote for a swimming pool and are working on a third tote for a dry nesting area, this should suffice a bit longer until outdoor accommodations can be made down the road. Inexpensive, more space- they are so happy!

Desk Converted Play Kitchen
A work in progress still, but mostly done- and done enough for our son to get outside and make several mud concoctions today! As I type he is still right outside my window, 'cooking' away. He helped nail, paint and decide what his kitchen needed. It was a fun project together that still needs some finishing touches....plans to cut out a hole for the bowl and put in a pretend water faucet...some knobs for the 'stove' and paint an oven, maybe a few more things as well! But for now- good enough to play with!

Wonderful weekend of play and work.

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