Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Homeschool Corner, Bathroom Bunnies, Water Fun

 Today was a productive day, we worked hard taking care of the animals, cleaning cages, scrubbing down everything, sweeping and both kids were so very helpful. There were no complaints in this house today. Then we headed out to the Library and park, had a picnic lunch and came home to work a bit more on our daughters homeschool corner. Now that our 'year' has unofficially ended, it is time for a new, and to start fresh- so we are 'making over' their little corners to prepare for some Summer studies and next years learning.

Our Daughter's Homeschool Corner..in progress
Our daughter's has tons of color, material and thread, animal pictures and is coming along nicely, all the way she wants, decorating it herself.

Bathroom Bunnies...YES Bunnies are IN the bathroom
 The heat is insane and we just can't keep up, so everyone moved inside...everyone meaning the rabbits and cavies. Cavies are in the kids rooms as well as our old boy bunny 'Jet' and the rest of the 4 bun's are in the bathroom and shower in the kids bathroom. Funny yes, a little crazy sure, but we want to make sure they are well taken care of, comfortable and not over heating this Summer.

Entrance to the bathroom....one bun sits on the cabinet
 3 more buns in the shower area
 View of them all, works nicely, so we can deal for a few months till its cool enough to get them back outside!

 Weekly Library Trip
We made out!!
Inspired by a friend, our son checked out several Origami books. Our Summer is going to kick off with reading Robin Hood as a family, and our son has a huge interest in bows and arrows, so we are going to learn how to make our own, and all make them- our daughter even thought this sounded fun and wants to join in on the story time and bow/arrow making! Awesome! Some history books, fun and more in depth reading for our daughter and I always love to make out on cheap for sale magazines and books when we are there too! Got a few history dvd's for $2.00 and a few Time magazines for $0.10! Can't beat that deal!

 Spray Park Time

 And a little reading and relaxing for Momma! Finding awesome recipes and reading about homesteading, listening to my children laugh and play...ahhh my kind of day.

Tomorrow we venture ice skating for our 'end of the year' family party just the four of us, then its off to Ballet class this week along with 4H with friends. Busy but fun. We'll also be working on getting the now fast growing ducklings into a new enclosure as well!

Hope this week finds you well, finds you happy and finds you loving life.

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