Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our Week: Art, Snacks, Water Time

Snippets from our week...
This week was easy going yet extremely productive in schooling, learning and enjoying life. 
The kids missed their daddy, as did I, my husband as he was out of town for most the week but we kept him in our thoughts and prayers as he spent the week amongst family, burying his eldest sister.

Some proud moments of the week....
* Our son has an amazing grasp on his multiplication tables with only a few explanations, once a few months ago then again this week, he's got his 1, 2, 3's down. So very proud he enjoys math so much.
* Our daughter received her 'ARBA' (American Rabbit Breeders Association)(for Rabbits and Cavies) Member card in the mail this week that she paid for with her own money she won for showing her animals. She also received an awesome study book- she was so proud to check off step 1 on her list to get her closer to becoming a Cavy Judge. She is adamant about studying, learning and clerking for judges at as many shows as she can. I am so proud and love to see her excitement and passion for animals.
* We went to youth group again this week and I'm so proud that my son felt more at home, more comfortable and that his sister was so positive and encouraging towards him, and praising him. A mother always praises, but its something truly special when your sibling praises you as well and this he soaked up and was beaming from!

Both children love art, drawing, painting, being creative. I enjoy it just as much as them. This week with our daughter checking out multiple crafting and painting books from the library we embarked on water color painting as well as a paper mache project that is still in progress....The kids water color art, to be displayed on our mantel as we took down all our of Easter decor and the kids decided it should be an 'Earth', Plant, and Nature decor instead. This coming week they'll paint their paper mache projects.

With so much wonderful fruit from our weekly basket, we had great smoothies this week- the kids all time favorite so far- Orange Juice, Banana, Pinnacle, Mango- YUM. So this week, afternoon snacks were kettle corn and smoothies!

Water Time
Beautiful weather, sunshine, not too hot with a light breeze- we did light morning studies, some reading and some math then packed ourselves up for a few hour trip to the water. We were the only family there, but there were a decent amount of boats in and out. The kids paddled around, working on their swim strokes, playing then my son made a 'rock shop' and sifted, cleaning rocks and had his sister and I be the customers as my daughter attempted to build a huge 'bath' of sorts to warm the water! Enjoying some mommy reading time, and playing with the kids time it was a joyous day for us all in the sun.

Next week, we venture to California, see family, see animals and relax. Then we have unofficially one more week of school left and we will celebrate with the children the completion of their year home schooling....of course just like last summer the learning never ends and we will have plenty of learning and adventures throughout the summer until we unofficially say again its the start of a brand new school year.

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