Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Blessings

Yesterday we felt many blessings on this holiday. Blessed to be able to talk on the phone to out of town family. Blessed to be able to spend the afternoon with the kids Aunt and Uncle and sweet baby girl. Blessed to see pictures of family and friends having a glorious day amongst those they love.

Blessed most of all for a wonderful day of family time. Cherished as hubbie worked on projects with our son and our daughter and I hung out and I got to see her work her art magic. 

The last few years we have done very small as presents go, we want the kids to reflect that Christmas is not about the gifts they receive. We had fun choosing a few special items we knew they would love. A lego set and Science kits, art supplies, a book bag and book and hand held microscopes from grandparents.

A wonderful simple, Christmas together.

 First the boys worked on legos, then on his new Science kit.
 Awesome water color sets- thank you Grame and Grandpa!
 Already working art magic with the new watercolors....

And lastly, enjoying the newest member of our family- Our son's new Parakeet, 'Perry'.

May this holiday have found you joyous in the time celebrating Christ's birth with family and friends.

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