Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Traditions

Sunday came and the month turned to December. Not feeling well I took several naps but we did get some decorations up as is our tradition. Thanksgiving and Fall, Halloween decor came down, packed into the box until next year. Keeping it simple we just choose a few special decorations and put up the new manger scene given to us by family. That's our sons favorite part is setting up the manger scene. Our other December tradition is to read a Christmas story every night at bed time as well as re watch our favorite video on Christ's birth and sneak in a few other favorites like the Grinch cartoon, Mickeys Christmas and read together Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol through the month. We also do an advent calendar to count down.

So, Sunday night we watched the Polar Express and read at bedtime Silent Night, Christ's birth story.

A perfect start for the 1st of December.....

May everyone spend time with their loved ones celebrating their December holiday traditions.

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