Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's much better to give than to receive...

Since we've moved to Arizona...3 1/2 years this month our son has not parted with one thing. One toy, one article of clothing...anything. We thought maybe the move was hard, clinging to everything from 'home' or cherishing and remembering just who gave him each and every item. Yesterday when speaking about Christmas, reading a few stories together something in him clicked. We always talk about doing things for others, making sure we give back not only during holiday time but year round...and yesterday he decided he would like to do the same. Telling me if he goes through all his toys and we can take them on Monday that still makes it over a week until Christmas- that's enough time for another boy or girl to have my toys for Christmas right, he asks me. Yes that should be enough time. Asking me to help, mid afternoon we were up to our heads in toys, clothes, blankets, everything from his closet pulled out. And our joyous son was thrilled he had one large box and two trash bags filled with give away items.

And as we finished he said, "Mom its like Christmas for us when we give our things away- because I'm so happy right now- another boy or girl is really going to like playing with my toys."

And we are again reminded it is much better to give than to receive and to help others.

May this holiday season find you doing things for others, celebrating the birth of Christ and cherishing your time with family and friends.

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