Friday, December 13, 2013

The Bunny Girl

Our kids are both animal kids...our whole family is. Our daughter especially loves her rabbits and cavies. A few weeks ago our daughter made a huge decision- it was time to retire her Blue Dutch Buck showmanship bunny from showman. Nearly 7 years old, he has been a show bunny for different kids, all his life. Our daughter also made a decision to part with one of her larger breed rabbits and make a trade and in turn get a new showman rabbit, a Tortoise Dutch Buck named 'Buddy'. She never ceases to amaze me, this bunny girl of mine, this animal lover. She did her research before we went to choose a rabbit, taking an article about the tortoise Dutch with her along with her ARBA book (American Rabbit Breeders Association) of the breed standards. She took her time, choosing between 4 different bucks and finally decided on Buddy. In part because of his great looks but in part because he was the friendliest of the bunch- and a showman bunny is especially special- a tight bond between child and rabbit. A great trust is needed between them, the breeder told us. Buddy and our daughter bonded immediately and have spent hours now cuddling, exploring, talking on her bed. The start of a friendship that will last many years to come.

Welcome Buddy to our home and to your new family.

Special bonds...animals and people have. To be cherished.

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