Sunday, December 8, 2013

Church, 2 week Chickens & a new Pigeon

Sunday has brought church with friends, a wonderful service to start December. Supporting our daughters friend perform, playing her violin to Silent Night. Opening with prayer and a song shared...then songs sung, a wonderful sermon and meeting new families and new friends. Our hearts were truly blessed today on our first time attending this church that just happens to be within walking distance. Community and family feel. I believe this is where we are going to call 'home' and attend regularly.

Animal chores, cage cleaning, it never ends. Every day is some kind of animal work day. Pride as we ensure they have the best home possible, clean, well taken care of, fed and loved. Our son cherishes his new pigeon, spending time with it today, taking it inside the house, saying he wishes it could live in his room, snuggling, talking to it. A few pics of growing 2 weeks and 3 days old- feathering coming in. Growing so quickly! An afternoon finishing house hold chores, reading, practicing piano, spending time together and getting to bed early after a long weekend of fun.

May this Sunday find you as blessed as we feel, cherishing our family and our new friends.

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