Saturday, December 21, 2013

Outdoor Work Day

From nearly sun rise to sun set we've worked countless hours outside. What an awesome feeling after a long days work to see this enormous pile of weeds and cleared out yard space. To gaze into the 'barn' (garage) at the animal pens all clean, lined nicely...happiness in my heart. Of course not only work was done- but fun was had...a little chicken on a leash walking around the yard. Some laughs over a certain boy wondering why his hoe was not pulling weeds...oopps it happened to be turned around. Breaks for water, breaks for lunch. Watching the sun set from the roof top and deeming it days end...heading inside for showers, dinner, relaxing and bed. Our son saying that after church tomorrow we should work again..because it was fun.

Yes, work can be fun, joyous, bring much happiness, satisfaction. Pride in working your land, caring for your animals. So tomorrow, we have the privilege of doing it all again. 
Living this beautiful life together.

The pile of weeds pulled...
 Work in progress on clearing..

So blessed in this life with these experiences, sharing them with family.

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