Friday, December 27, 2013

Love, Joy, Happiness...from Chickens

So loving this moment of pure love, joy, peace and happiness. A boy and his chickens.

Our chicks are growing fast- nearly 6 weeks now, feathers all coming in so we let them venture in our outdoor portable coop for some play time since the sun was shining warmly and there was no wind this morning. Of course our son couldn't resist sitting inside the coop as well.

There was much cuddling, talking, watching, laughing and picture taking going on.

Our daughter has taken particularly to one sweet little hen who is content sitting on the kids laps, snuggling into their jackets- so she named her Sweet Pea. Fitting for her personality. Unlike the other chickens who stayed in a group, or wandered around to peck the ground, she kept going to our son and climbing into his lap watching the other chicks from his knee or our daughter would pull her out of the coop and let her sit with her in the chair as the chick would tuck her head into our daughters jacket, content to just be close.

Simple Joy.

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