Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years EVE Day

It's been a fairly non-busy type of day thus on the mend from having fever and aches over the weekend and still a lingering cough, our son also seems to have gotten the cough and not been feeling well off and on. And hubbie even though his normal day off is today is called to work since it is a busy holiday so he's in bed sleeping for his graveyard shift tonight.

We are taking two weeks 'off' from school if you can call it that, we haven't had the structure we usually have in the mornings but this morning our daughter found some great info on Japanese New Year and read it to us. She had some great idea's on how with a little preparation next year to celebrate 'Oshogatsu'.
Tonight we celebrate for the 2nd year in a row with our new family tradition for New Years- Sushi Night, Movie & Sparklers. The kids get involved picking items for their rolls and helping Dad to roll out the sushi then we finish off the night with a movie and some fireworks and sparklers at home. Our daughter, our picky eater, who usually opts for rice only has decided this year to 'try' some rolls...a little cucumber and avocado.

This morning, we ventured to the grocery store to gather a few more items then spent a few hours at the park in the sun, playing on the playground, digging in the sand, watching the water, and feeding the ducks. Much fun was had to start our New Years Eve.

Morning of Fun.

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