Thursday, January 30, 2014

2 Week Sprouting, Cookies & Sunset

As our sproutlings grow and grow we continue to work outside to prep the ground. Finally getting the last bit of weeds pulled up yesterday afternoon we are on to the next step. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for a bit of daydreaming of a beautiful little space that's filled with glorious food, and no animals or pests bothering it :) one can dream....
Everything has come up except three little artichokes...

Like this little beauty above, white picket fence entering a land of greens....
...or the one below, simple, post logs with some chicken wire.
But for now in our dreaming of a beautiful garden, we work hard outdoors to prep and we research and plan economically as we figure out fencing and garden paths.

Loosing our 'cookie' and baked treats sections in our recipe book- yes who knows where it went, completed removed out of our binder we were at a loss when the kids wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies for an afternoon snack. Quickly scouring the internet for a vegan-eggless recipe- we came across this one:
Followed the recipe exactly with one exception- we used half white flour and half wheat flour instead of all white
and she says 3 tbsp of water or black coffee - yes we used the water
Recipe WINNER, Kids and Hubbie both approved of the new cookie recipe!

And as the evening arrived we were graced with a gorgeous sunset in our backyard, proving once more time and time again this life here is beautiful, God is amazing and we are so incredibly blessed.

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