Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Assisted Cavy Birth

If its not one set of new babies, new life, its another- never a dull moment around our home. The kids are already getting excited for a few months down the road when our duck will lay eggs and hatch out babies for spring time...but today, expecting her to still have another week or two suddenly this morning we were blessed with 3 more cavy babies from Miku, our White Crested Brindle. One born still born did not make it. Consulting a breeder friends cavy website on pregnancy and birth our daughter and I after momma cavy decided not to clean or take care of the young or cut their umbilical cords, we took all the babies out, carefully cut the umbilical cords, towel dried them gently, cleaning them up, cleaned the cage of the birth then replaced all the babies with momma. At 8 hours old now, we still believe its touch and go but Momma is warming up to the babies, going over to them, cleaning them and just beginning to let them nurse. One considerably smaller than the other two we have watched extremely carefully and have been sending little prayers for strength, the other two definitely appear to be thriving. We pray Momma will continue to accept the babies and help them survive and grow.


New Life is Amazing, and Hard, sometimes a Struggle, but worth the Work, worth the Worry.

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