Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fires & Inspiration: 'Moving Windmills'

While fixing breakfast yesterday our son noticed a lot of smoke coming from outside...sure enough, just like with every year, the farmers that own the fields surrounding our small 7 home neighborhood square were burning the irrigation ditches of their weeds. At one point standing in the back of our property watching our son stated it appears there was a 'line of fire' surrounding us. Watching, the kids looked on as the farmer controlled the fire, putting part of it out then moving down the line, so careful.

 Right outside our dogs fenced in yard...

After the morning fires, we moved on to take care of the animals and head in to work on our studies...together we read this book- 'The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind', a true story then watched a short video of him. The kids most liked that he was 14 and didn't even have school- he learned these things from books, taught himself English and figured out on his own how to build this. 
An inspiring story.

And a few books for Momma from the Library. Though we checked out the youth version of the story, the library also had the adult version that I read many great reviews on. 
 Then a little Mindful Parenting and Homesteading. Joy in my heart.
After our together studies our daughter moved on to working on a website she's been playing around with, working on writing content and our son and I went outside to work in the yard while reviewing some multiplication and spelling as we raked, played with chickens and cleaned the yard.

Lunch came upon us quickly then some afternoon family time with Dad since it was his day off, a quick errand to the store and an evening with a Movie - "Rio" our Son's favorite (my bird boy) with a Vegan treat of  'Hot Dogs' for dinner. Meatless of course. Into bed for the children and some quiet time for me and hubbie.

A beautiful day once again.

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