Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lots of Play - Lights & Kites & Running Cavies

Friday night, was hubbies last night at work, so he was gone by 2:30pm to head out for the remainder of the eve. The kids and I had dinner, watched a show- then turned off all the lights while the kids first started making hand shadows then totally turned silly as we all couldn't stop laughing as they shone the lights on each other, their faces- some good entertainment! Love these two silly kids.

Saturday's bring a mix of play and work as I work from home over the weekends but we also do most of our house chores- or at least the deep rooms were picked up, desks were organized and I got started on the kitchen.  In the afternoon, being that two litters of our cavies are old enough to separate, we got the boys in one large cage together for a few weeks until our daughter attends a show and plans to part with a few to new families. Although many say you can not let boars (boys) live together, we permanently have 2 pairs of boars who have lived together for a long time and do very well. We believe that as long as one of them is really young, or both are really young, they should do well, and in pairs, but it really depends on personalities. We also put daddy in to say hello and video's a little boy crazy time...

Took them all about 15 minutes to all settle down!

Sharing a meal from last week- From Love & Lemons -Sweet-potato-vegan-alfredo
Trying new recipes, this dish was a winner, but very rich in taste! An 'okay' from the kids, but hubbie and I both enjoyed it, it was a process to put together but worth the taste. 
(check out the link, her pic is much 'prettier' :) than mine!)

And the afternoon brought some kite flying since winds had died down, strong enough to fly our kite but not turbulent so that it struck it down..although it did still go down a few times!

Feeling blessed we get two days together all four of us.

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