Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gifts, Talents, Blessings

Feeling incredibly blessed today as the children and I spent the morning in worship with friends and neighbors. Feeling blessed we could come home and talk openly about the message in this mornings sermon. The unique gifts and qualities the Lord gives every one of us. That events happen in our lives, good and sad, bad to lead us to different paths to use those special gifts and talents. 

Our daughter talking about her gifts of creativeness, a love for animals, that she is a good friend to others. Our son talking about his care and love for his animals, how he's good and figuring things out and he 'talks' to God daily.
Both children talked about how they could use their gifts to help others, do good in the world.

I shared with my children a blessing that came to me from loosing my dear Nana. Like second parents to me, my Nana and Papa were, loosing her was like loosing another mother. Months later deciding to go back to work when our daughter was 1 1/2 old, I ended up at an Assisted Living home that housed 12 elderly women, all grandmothers, most without family near. I remember leaving my interview in prayer- knowing in my heart this was where I was supposed to be. Once starting there, our daughter came with me several days a week- I cared for these women, and felt a closeness as our bonds grew as if I had 12 more grandmothers and our daughter brought great joy to these grandmothers who didn't get to see their own grandchildren very often if at all. I felt in my heart God lead me down this path, not only to heal my own heart but so I could bring joy, warmth, care and love to others.

Every day I pray for guidance, love, support as I not only use my gifts but also help my children grow and learn. Incredibly proud that our daughter could make the connection that with home schooling they have an abundance of time to spend really pursuing their unique gifts and talents. At church today as well when speaking about every person being not like the next and not spending your time doing 'what everyone else' is doing but doing what you know if your heart uses your gifts to serve God, I thought also about our journey in home schooling. 

Loud and clear, this is the path we are meant to be on. 

May you listen to the path of the Lord and use your own talents and gifts to serve him.
Blessings to all this Sunday.

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