Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Egypt, Valentines & Bread

Just as our daughter has been diving into learning about all things Japan for many weeks, months now, our son has just started revisiting Egypt. Studying it a little last year he has decided to learn more now. Reading a book today, doing some 'Mummy Math', decoding hieroglyphics, looking at maps, making a flag and watching a video took up our school day. Our daughter spent the morning writing poetry for Valentine cards and watched the Egypt video with us also and did some of her own reading. A day late, but finally baked our wheat bread loaf for sandwiches for the week- yumm. Warm bread out of the oven, had to keep the kids away so they wouldn't eat the entire loaf right away!


 Spending the afternoon with the kids in the glorious sunshine outdoors, until dad comes home...playing pretend, using our imaginations, sword fighting with sticks, making a home made miniature golf course and having wonderful conversations.

A beautiful day.

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