Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lots of Animals & George Washington

Our week has started with lots of animal time-cleaning, playing, grooming, art-drawing, reading and history with George Washington. We also took a trip to the library yesterday to load up on our books and videos for the week. Tonight brings a 4H meeting, time with friends then we get hubbie home for two days, his days off. Yesterday was too windy to work outdoors very long but today brought my son and I much happiness when it calmed and we were able to pull weeds in the yard and let our 'big boy' chickens free range for a bit. Slowly, we are making more progress -clearing a way for a garden. Our son also helped bake a loaf of banana bread today, his favorite as our daughter spent some time with her new art supplies, testing out different mediums on canvas. The house smells yummy, every one is happy, content and we are together.

Happiness in the simplicity of every day normal.

Sharing some pics...
'MoMo' sleeping- yes she sleeps on her back, her legs up in the air! and gives us plenty of laughs this silly rabbit.

 4H for Science...Practice and questions, research..and fun.

 Our son went on a hike with the camera around the yard to look for birds.

 Pups sleep while the kids study.
 Art in progress...

 History studies...reading a few books, we have a video we're saving for tomorrow...
We used this interactive site which both kids enjoyed: http://www.washingtonsworld.org 
to play a few games then looked up some facts and short clips online.
Taking turns testing out 'Harpsichord Hero!' 

Enjoying every day life.

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