Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wind Power, Lemon Noodle Soup

Making us lazy, the wind blows loudly outside today, cool in the shade but feels decent in the sun...outdoor work or play has just not happened today because of it. Its been an indoor sort of day. Continuing from yesterday we looked further into wind mills and wind power with a few video's. With the wind blowing, we decided to test a new kite outside although it proved too turbulent to allow us to fly it very well, so our son asked for it to be hung from his ceiling until its next flight- sure, why not! A beautiful Macaw hanging now in the corner of his room. While he and I were outdoors fighting with the kite and the wind our daughter worked on her drawings, her art work then began prepping lunch. We chatted a bit over the weekend and she has decided to cook two meals a week for our family. She is the picky eater in our family but this gives her a chance to try new things that she chooses on her own. Today she made lunch of Lemon and Ramen Noodle Soup. Although not a big stretch for her, still sticking to her noodles- she still did well, cooked it all, served and even though she didn't especially like the flavor, ate most of it. A little cool math, some reading, checking on our sprouting plants- rechecking when the ones who haven't sprouted should come up and now some quiet time.

Our daughter researched recipes and decided on this one: Lemon-chicken-and-ramen-noodle-soup 
Being non-meat eaters, she used vegetable broth and vegan chicken can be used as well.

And it wouldn't be a normal day in this household without animal snuggling too. Bunnies & Cavies were all loved on.
Hubbies off at work already and the remainder of the afternoon and eve we have plans of board games, music, reading, dinner and bed. A quiet sort of day.

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