Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frogs, Floods & Greens to Eat!

Getting back to the frog track, we spent some time this morning reading the frog books that were checked out from the library then everyone picking video's from you tube on how to set up a frog tank, taking care of tadpoles and learning about poison dart frogs. Rain came today as we attempted to do laundry but were forced to go dry at the laundromat instead of our clothes line. Hubbie offered to hang a line inside near the fire but perhaps next time that will happen. The trials of not having a dryer- great on the sunny days and when it rains, well we still needed clean clothing!

 With the rain, history we spent some time with this book 'Washed Away' then watched a few video's on the Flood of 1913. Most interesting was the attention the kids spent looking at the way people dressed, the horses and carriages and the homes, the towns compared to today. 100 years ago they both marveled. 
100 years of change.
(video would not upload above)
100 year anniversary report below:

 Getting our greens with two Spinach recipes:
(we left out the meat!)

Tomorrow brings Friday, a start into our weekend. Tomorrow we visit a rabbitry to part with one of our rabbits and in turn adopt one of the owners retired rabbits. Our daughter wanting to part with one of her larger rabbits and gain a smaller one and an addition the owner of the rabbitry has been looking for. A good swap. A few errands in the afternoon then I'm sure much bunny play and animal snuggling time will be happening in the house tomorrow.

May Friday bring you much joy, happiness and blessings as it carries you into your weekend.

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