Thursday, September 5, 2013

Animals & Daddy/Daughter Tool Time

Fair is approaching only a week away, along with the kids Grandpa coming to visit as well. This week has brought several 4H meetings, extra animal grooming, extra cage cleanings, making lists, going over supplies, studying, practicing and of course spending lots of time loving on these animals that bring the kids such joy.

I am so very proud of the hard work the kids have put into their animals and so thankful for all these animals and everything that goes along with raising them has taught them. The children both thrive through their relationships with these creatures. Love, Respect, Trust, Responsibility and so much more.

 Our son's guinea pig LOVES stuffed animals.

 Bunny thinking the dog bed feels pretty comfy!
 Giving our son kisses.

Our girl, getting some Dad help with the saw, learning how to cut, talking about tools and building things this school year. Projects oh the list of projects...getting excited to dive right in!

Continuing the week working with our 4H friends and their families to get our fair barn booth decor finished up for next week then its on to the weekend to finish up the last of our animal chores and prepping.

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