Saturday, September 28, 2013

Under the & play.

With her 4H record book due, even though we've all felt under the weather, our daughter spent nearly 3 hours completing it, nearly all on her own with only my help when she got tired on reading off a few calculations. I'm proud of her, another 4H year accomplished. While she worked away on her book, our son sat down for some computer math then he and I read together- he loves when he reads a page then I'll read a page and its neither one of us reading an entire book- we got a blanket and snuggle close and each hold a side of the book- the closeness is so nice. I cherish it knowing that at 8 years old...turning 9 next year the amount of snuggling just may decrease, I'll take it while I can.

 Being silly while waiting patiently for Momma.
Jordan's picks on library books this week...we started off with the Further Tale of Peter Rabbit.
Breaded Oven Baked Zucchini with Lemon and Caper Pasta for dinner.

Yesterday being that the 4H book was done, it was time to take a drive to turn it in at the office. Being over an hour away, we decided it was the perfect time to thrift shop, have lunch and picnic at the park. Our day would have been longer if it weren't for head cold headaches, sore ears and sore throats. Our son slept in the car on the way up and our daughter slept in the car on the way back- I slept on the couch when we got home- rest is definitely what our bodies need. This weekend will be filled with just that...Rest.

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