Monday, September 9, 2013

Park Fun, Chicken Bathing, Rabbit Bath

Play time at the park before starting our weekend put us all in great spirits. The kids just clicked as siblings sometimes don't...they ran around together, made believe together, swung together, climbed together. Laughing they asked me to snap a few shots, I took the pictures and sat and breathed and enjoyed the quiet, enjoyed the light breeze. Thankful for the somewhat cooler morning, perhaps a sign fall is on its way and we can be free of the heat of summer. A trip to the library after the park then home to spend the afternoon with our 4H friends.

Friday led us into the weekend where we worked hard again, bleaching out animal travel cages, counting up feed bowls and water dishes for fair and then on Sunday the kids bathed their chickens in the kitchen sink and I helped our daughter bathe one rabbit. After the chickens got blow dried and were fed strawberries for a sweet treat.

Fair week is finally upon us, the children can hardly sleep each night from excitement...its like waiting for Disneyland or Christmas- that much excitement. Both are thrilled Grandpa will be here Tuesday and get to see Fair. It's so much better to share the excitement and the experience with family around.

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