Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wooden Cross, Lunch & Dry Ice Experiment

Yesterday we spent the morning paying tribute to our animals that have passed. The kids raked the leaves that had fallen onto the graves. We plan to go back in the next few days and pull the weeds. They shared what they missed about them, what they loved about them- we talked about life and death. Read some verses out of the bible. They colored wooden crosses and our son got out a small vase and put a flower in it. It was a peaceful morning.

 After our quiet morning out doors we gathered our books that were due, grabbed some in and out for lunch and headed to the park. We all played tennis and ate then headed to the library.
Books picked up ranged from:
Keeping and Caring for Pigeons, Tennis Rules, Halloween Crafts Books, a Multiplication Math book, Tree and Leaf Categorization Book and some fun readers.

Today with Dad at home, his day off, we opted for a Science day. A dry ice video recommended on a family blog I ran across...then outside to conduct the exploding experiment and back inside to create a bubble with dry ice....the kids had a lot of FUN!! It was MUCH louder than we all expected!!
Took a video of our bottle blowing up then exploding but the file won't upload, of course when it actually exploded I jerked to move away and the camera went all over, not really videoing the bottle anyways! 
Here is what was left below of the bottle...

 Fun day with Science...lunch was eaten and now everyone is quietly playing and reading. Getting together with friends for s'mores after dinner tonight is the perfect end to a great day.

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