Friday, September 20, 2013

Playing & Exploring

A slow week...amongst a few errands we stopped by the park, enjoying the fresh cooler breeze, playing kick ball, running and relaxing. I always try on errand days to take a break for myself and for the kids. It makes the thought of errands more enjoyable knowing that we'll stop for snack or lunch at a play place. Any place we go there is always exploring to be done, what new things will we see, what new treasures will be found- this trip the kids found mushrooms growing on a tree which brought our son to exclaim he is going to start a mushroom journal this year to collect pictures and make drawings of all the different species he finds out on our adventures. Perfect. A wonderful idea. Today while I was pulling weeds in the front yard, after animal chores had been done the kids went to work on a tree fort and leaf fort, adding a bird house up high for birdy friends and a blanket, pillow and tarp covering...just in case they were out playing when the 'rain' came. Love imaginations. A beautiful few days, beautiful weather and beauty in spending time with my children.

Outdoor play & adventures.

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