Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekending Rest

The weekends main theme: REST.  We were all under the weather still. Sniffles, head colds, sore throats, body aches. Saturday we all slept off and on, on the couches and in bed. Although hubbie had to work that eve he spent the day attempting to fix our internet problems and fix our washing machine that just went out. I love this man- he can fix nearly everything and if he doesn't know how, he'll find out. So while we all slept, watched movies and slept some more he worked. Added to his to-do list, he believes the washer is beyond repair and the internet techs should be visiting us tomorrow. He did get all of us outside for a few minutes to check out the flower that finally bloomed on our front yard cactus-very pretty. Our son felt better come the afternoon and tried on his steal of a halloween costume, $5.00! Oh yeah, great deal! And most importantly he's happy. Sunday brought more rest, work for momma and a mid day movie of Star Wars with dad. Now as the sun sets, the kids bathe and are ready for bed early I think I'm not far behind them with a headache and sore throat that are begging for the bed as well.

Hopefully Monday will bring our family feeling better and ready to take on the week.

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