Monday, September 30, 2013

Pigeon Study

Monday's always seem slower...slower to get up, slower to get morning animal chores done, slower paced. Maybe its coming off of the weekend being sick but mostly they always seem slower paced.

Today the kids studied pigeons. Excited that his pigeon laid its first egg, our son measured the circumference of his pigeon egg, a bantam chicken egg and a regular sized chicken egg. Together we read from a few pigeon books the kids had gotten from the library, studied from 4H forms online, and watched a few youtube videos on different breeds and 4H groups. We discussed plans to build a pigeon 'loft'. After pigeon studies we baked some sugar cookies right before lunch then spent the afternoon on a few errands, then back home for some afternoon reading and quiet time before dinner. A good slow Monday.

 Above Forms found at:

Perfectly paced day.

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