Thursday, September 19, 2013

Treasuring her new Jersey Wooley Bunny Friend

At the end of the 4H year, our daughter decides what animals she keeps, what animals she lets go to friends, what projects she'll do the following year, evaluating how the last year went and where her interests are leading her. This last year she did 4 out of 5 smallstock projects. Waterfowl, Poultry, Rabbit and Cavy. This year she has decided to do all 4 again plus adding Pigeon and possibly a Market Turkey for the first time. With that she let 1 of her chickens go, our son let her mate to that chicken go both to a friend, and two of her cavies go to two separate friends as well and another friend is looking at starting the rabbit project with one of her larger rabbits as well. We try not to 'add' on to much but to make trades with friends so that everyone can get into new projects or get different breeds that they'd like to try. In return this year, she got a new friend- a Jersey Wooley Bunny and both children got a pigeon to start practicing with. Its a big jump with the rabbit because this one, being long hair will take more of her time, attention and take more responsibility to groom it daily. Its good for her- she said she could do it, so we are letting her and I have faith she will keep up on being responsible.

Bonding with her new friend..."MoMeji' or 'MoMo' for short....

Love my girl. Growing up so beautifully inside and out.

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