Monday, September 16, 2013

County Fair 2013

Well our last day of county fair was yesterday. Clean up started at 3pm, all the animals were packed up, the barn was raked, packed our vehicles and headed home. Bittersweet. Such a fun time, great experience seeing friends together, community, hard working kids, passionate kids. One word...AMAZING. Each year when we finish fair I look back and am not only so very proud of my own two children but feel so proud of every one of those kids involved in 4H. The ribbons, trophies and belt buckles and wins are nice....but the real FUN the real AMAZEMENT, the real experience is seeing these kids come together through their passion and be together, working so hard together. They work all year round for just these few days. I am a proud parent looking on to all of those kids out there.

Sharing a few pictures...

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