Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Family Monday - Lake Fishing

7 days of work in a row, finally hubbie had Monday off...going with the flow, we took the day off from school, we ran a few much needed errands, did some much needed chores. Hubbie fixed our family car, the two kids and I shoveled and cleaned out the two duck pens then we headed out together to fish in the evening, grab a few pizza's for a late dinner with the new 'Thor' movie and let the kids stay up late. A new spot, trying out lake fishing, seeing sweet burro's wandering on the road into the lake, two kids exploring, a girl taking a break to draw, no fish caught but again much fun was had.

Much needed family time together with their daddy.

 As the sun set and we left with flashlights from our trip, we are thankful.

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