Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Over the Hump Day

The week has been busy, there has not been much time for picture taking much less breathing...our family has been car shopping, looking for a 2nd reliable family car and most importantly one with AC- we have several vehicles but only one that's reliable for our family of 4 with air conditioning which is a must have in an Arizona Summer which is quickly approaching. We've schooled this week, spent time with dad on his two days off, read many new books, visited the library, had our 4H meeting- enjoyed cupcake treats with friends and are looking forward to a Friday field trip day to swim lessons then packing this weekend to depart Monday to see out of town family and celebrate our special boy's 9th birthday. Yes, a busy week in preparation.

4H 'Chicken' Feathered Masks project for Clover Kids, along with 'Chicken Comb' booklets for them.
Chicken Comb booklet was free months ago here-

 More ocean studies...

 A new hands on math book our son is excited about...tons of cool projects!

 Learning the history behind the holiday on Monday March 17th, also 'Grandpa's' birthday, my brother and his wife's anniversary and was 'supposed' to be my son's birthday (until he missed his due date :)
A great day indeed.
 Some more inspirational reading for momma this week.
Ending our day with an after-dinner nature walk around our neighborhood and yard.
Bunnies, different species of birds, insects flying around the hay fields.
Beautiful sun light and warmth as we have wonderful conversations during our walk.

And as I sit here taking a few minutes for myself to type, load pictures, my kids are engrossed in watching ocean documentaries on tv...and our daughter just let me know...
The brain of a bottle nosed dolphin is 25% larger than that of an adult human.

My kids teach ME everyday, I love it.

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