Saturday, March 8, 2014

Into the weekend...sleepy...

Into the weekend we came, Friday having lunch at home then taking daddy to work and driving a hour and a half away for our girl's first private swim lesson. A road trip filled with a book on CD, laughter, discussions, fun and treats. Passing the Hoover Dam our son commenting that he still would really love to go take a tour there...thinking in the next few months we can make that happen. Looking at the beautiful scenery of the mountains, valleys and river. Singing at the tops of our lungs, giggles, car games...we finally made it to the pool. A beautiful huge indoor heated pool. Our daughter got started on her lesson while our son and I swam laps in the shallow pool...he would stop to do a hand stand or somersault in the water or show me how long he could hold his breath. I'd stand looking over to the lane across the way where her lesson was taking place and marvel at how graceful her long arms and long legs flowed through the water as she learned freestyle. Done with her lesson she swam with us for a few minutes, sore, tired, but setting goals for herself of swimming one lap of freestyle by the end of the month. Hot showers, warm sweatshirts, grabbing some dinner we settled in the car for the long ride back. To bed as soon as we got home, everyone awoke Saturday late, tired and have been incredibly sleepy all day.

Sleepy Saturday of movies, crafting, cookies, animal play, coloring, reading.
Looking forward to be tucked in our beds early tonight and start the day anew tomorrow.

Studio Ghibli marathon week...
 Book on CD...
 Painting green frames

 Button Art...T for our daughter, J for our son above their sides of the art/school board.
 Finally hanging some framed pics up.
 Afternoon treat.

 Trying a new recipe- Won the tastes of myself, hubbie and our son, 
Broccoli Mac & Cheese
We skipped the bread crumbs and used Veggie Broth.

Finishing the eve off with a dinner of soup and sandwiches, some out loud reading, a show and to sleep. Into Sunday we come....

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