Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mini-Van, Bunnies, Trip

Whew am I happy the week is wrapping up- so much work to do this week to make sure I don't have 'as much' to do on vacation next we got the deal finalized and bought a mini-van (used) which took all week to finally drive off the lot today. Trying to clean, pack, get animals together for a show, plus still have some studies packed in the mornings... yikes its been quite crazy! And we were just sent two super sweet pictures of our daughters possible new bun she's purchasing for 4H. We are all looking forward to swimming tomorrow and getting things finished up around here to drive out of town Monday.  Oh and note to myself I still have birthday gifts to wrap and a birthday banner to make for one special little boy turning 9!

Busy but looking forward to the week ahead with family and friends and fun.


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