Monday, March 24, 2014

Vacation, Birthday, Rabbit & Cavy Show

The week always goes by too quickly when we are enjoying time out of town with family. My 'little' boy turned 9 yesterday. Where do the years go....they go by soooo very quickly. He is growing into this amazing, smart boy. He has a huge heart for animals, sensitive and loving and is incredibly smart, making up stories and games, figuring out how things work and putting things together- he has a love for anything science or math related and is enjoying birds immensely right now. This kid melts my heart with his smile and I'm so grateful he's not quite too old to sit on my lap or want to be tucked in at night still. I'll cherish every moment I can get until he decides he's too grown for those things. On any given day when the weather is nice, you'll find him outdoors..collecting, holding a chicken- or two, climbing a tree, digging a hole- getting dirty! Love my boy!

A great week enjoying family!

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