Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wraping up the Weekend...Horses, Baking, Dinner- Vegan Pancakes

Wrapping up the weekend we piddled around the house, slowly waking up, reading, momma sipping hot coffee, all of us taking time to wake, get dressed then move into caring for the animals. Spending some time outdoors to clean cages, play with chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs we headed over to the rodeo grounds to support a few fellow 4H girls running for rodeo royalty. Sad we were unable to stay the entire time, our hearts and thoughts were with them as they worked hard and did their best partnering with their beautiful horses. Home so hubbie could go to work we took a walk around the yard and neighborhood admiring the wild bunnies and quail, crafting at home, cutting of material for side satchels to hold special items then afternoon baking of banana bread. More reading with a cup of tea, the house was extremely quiet today and has been quiet this entire weekend. Its nice, that ability to breathe, read, sip in the quiet at times without having to be somewhere, without the tv or other noises going on...just silence of children reading, playing, relaxing while momma does the same.  Trying a new vegan recipe, we have still not found 'our' pancake recipe but the one tonight I believe we did, although hubbie missed out it was #1 for the kids- I agree, fluffy, chewy, goodness. Now our son begs for an evening walk and this momma thinks its a great idea as the sun sets into the night and our daughter lays in her bed, engulfed in a book- this is nothing unusual, into bathes then into bed to start fresh tomorrow. One week to get things in order for our son's birthday trip for all of us to see family, much needed trip to visit, enjoy be with the ones we love.

 Vegan "Puffy Pillow" Pancakes
Didn't change a thing- they were wonderful!! A little breakfast for dinner, with hash browns and fruit.

Restful, relaxing, quiet weekend...into the week we venture, excited hubbie has the next two days off for 'his' weekend.

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