Sunday, March 2, 2014


March 1st...where has the year flown seems winter has skipped us over and spring is nearly upon us. Maybe that is why it seems strange that it is already March, we are still waiting for those freezing cold nights, strong chill day winds...a few days here and there but no more. We won't complain that beautiful sun, and warmer days are on their way..the children anxious to have weekly swim trips to the river and lake for tons of swimming time...we are all ready to have meals enjoyed outdoors, friends over for evening outdoor fires, fun conversation and the kids roasting marshmallows...the joys of summer are approaching.

But for this weekend, this rainy, over cast weekend we have been cooking, cleaning, reading and playing in doors.  A little home made pizza on Naan bread, spring cleaning is in full force and the kids testing out how to make a realistic looking battle wound on their faces from you tube video's! Yes much fun and hard work has been had this weekend.

Naan Pizza's
Naan - Makes 3 pizza's-
3 cups of water
2 tsp sugar
4 tsp yeast
5 cups of flour (then 1 more for rolling out dough)
Mix, Cover, Let rise for 45 minutes
Divide, roll out
We used a little Earth Balance in a skillet and placed 1 piece on, grilling each side for 3 minutes on med heat.
Place on cookie sheet, add toppings, cheese, place in Oven - at 350 until cheese is melted about 7 minutes.

We had mini heirloom organic tomatoes in beautiful colors- red, purple and yellow needing to be eaten, those with a little spinach and fresh basil and mozzarella rounds made our pizza.
Kids opted for cheese and cheese with olives and mushrooms!

 Spring cleaning in full force...the start..rearranging furniture.
 Making face battle wounds...

And into Sunday we come- We give thanks for all we have been provided with, we give thanks for our family.
Beautiful foggy morning view from the rain splattered kitchen window. 

May you and yours have a glorious Sunday.

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