Sunday, March 16, 2014

Feed Time, Pack Time, Birthday!

Weekending....started off to a wonderful beginning, supporting our friends at a horse show. It's wonderful to see these girls out there, so confident, working so hard. Beautiful on the inside and out with these animals. After a bit of visiting we left to run errands for our upcoming Monday trip...then home to clean cages, clean house and begin to get ourselves and our animals ready for the trip. Looking forward to finishing today, working hard then enjoying the road trip tomorrow.

 How many cavies can you fit around 1 feed bowl!? 6 boys eating nicely together...

 The girls...
 Starting my boy's birthday banner- each year they choose their theme, paper, colors, everything and I go to work and make it- He choose LEGO, so we have a red ribbon to hang the letters and he wants to print out some LEGO pictures for it as well and a pic to go inside the 9....still can't believe one week from today he'll be 9 years old.
Where does the time go?
Excited for tomorrow, by the afternoon we'll be greeting family and enjoying time with them..its been too long!

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