Saturday, March 29, 2014

Recouping, Sea Monkey Growth, New Babies

After our week vacation then two days back to back with dad celebrating more the kids both came down with colds and I've felt back and forth whether I was going to catch it or not. Its been a lay on the couch, read a lot, watch movies, snuggle, nap kind of rest of our week. This weekend, no plans are made, just thoughts of putting away the clothes from the suitcase- finally...laundry, room cleaning, playing with animals and getting out in the yard to rake-if we are feeling that adventurous and well.

Getting back from vaca our son was excited to see the growth on his sea monkey's. We also brought two new little ones home- meet 'Alice' the Texel Cavy, 4 weeks old and 'Usagi'- Usa for short, the Black Dutch Doe Rabbit, 7 weeks old.

 A quick trip to the library to turn in over due books proved a great idea- Momma got to pick up this beauty on the for sale shelf for 0.25! Score :)

 Resting with pups.

Happy Weekending to All!

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