Thursday, August 21, 2014

4H Practice, Babies & Breadsticks

Excitement this week - when going around doing animal chores Monday morning we peeked into our pregnant cavy sow's cage and there sat 4 little babies...2 dry and the other two still drying, so recently born. Its always amazing to see them, fully furred, eyes open, walking around- ready to go explore life. Going to 4H practice this week was extra fun, our daughter getting to tell everyone about the new babies. The kids practiced hard and had fun with their friends. The week has brought some errands, tires for our mini van, a trip to the bank and Home Depot, getting our dumpster finally emptied so we can pursue cleaning up more around the house and property. We had gotten in a rut with the heat and have been eating out more than usual so this week I vowed with heat or no heat I would cook- and I have. It seems to have helped sometimes prepping dishes in the morning and then heating and finishing them up in the eve so as to not cook the entire dish when the heat is its strongest. We are blessed to have some kind of air- a swamper- but when the storms come and it turns humid it doesn't work as well- but a few more weeks and we'll be on the downhill from the heat as well. Thankful for that. We look forward to our Friday tomorrow, heading to the library and hopefully the park for a few minutes and relaxing, resting and reading. A day to just be without heavy chores or errands sounds like a nice way to end the week. 

24 hour babies..Born Monday 8/18/14
White Crested Cavies
Golden Agouti Momma, Golden Agouti Daddy
Babies: 1 red sow, 1 red boar, 1 black sow, 1 golden agouti boar

It was quite humorous- I went in search of a bread stick recipe to have with dinner - the majority of the recipes I found called for you to buy 'can dough' from the grocery store. Our daughter even laughed saying how can 'canned dough' be called a recipe, isn't a recipe something you 'make'. Home made is what I was thinking and canned dough seemed to be everywhere. The I stumbled onto this recipe..finally.  Incredible easy, quick to make and everyone loved it. Two batches - the first one the kids said more butter, more garlic and more parm cheese...the second batch they said 'perfect'. We will definitely be using this recipe again.

Over the hump of the week...rolling downhill towards the weekend.

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