Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bird Watching with the Bird Boy

The bird boy is our son. Saying he is fanatic about birds is an understatement. He owns pigeons and chickens and has a parakeet and loves every type of bird imaginable. He even asked for his 9th birthday for a field guide on birds in North America. He was thrilled when Momma and Daddy fulfilled that wish and exceptionally happy when Grame and Grandpa also bought him a guide with Owl breeds. So today, after dropping sister at a friends house for a sleepover we ventured to the park...a little dinner, a little swinging time and bird watching. We had an amazing show- a Golden Eagle - first swooping in, flying- then picking a pigeon quickly off the ground in its talons, taking it to a pole as it sat on top with it. Then it flew over the grass where some vultures tried to take the kill and off to another stump to sit. Finally pulling out all the feathers and enjoying its meal. And the most amazing thing- we got to watch the whole episode as our son claimed this was the best time EVER. Love my bird boy.

Both my kids laughter makes my heart SO incredibly happy! - Feeling very blessed.


  1. Woah! That's intense. My kids would have been all over that, too. Was the pigeon already dead, or did the eagle kill it? I know what you mean about kids with specific interests. My oldest loves all things ships, but especially the Titanic. Makes gift giving easier, yes? Thanks so much for sharing. Also, cool hat on your little man. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Julie - thank you for your comment - we saw the eagle kill the pigeon! It was pretty cool to see the whole thing. OH my goodness - my oldest (14 yr girl) was ALL about Titanic a year ago- she watched every documentary, read every book from the library. She LOVES it! Have a blessed week ahead.