Saturday, August 2, 2014


It's 7:00am in the morning...the dogs rose early beckoning me out of bed at 5:00am. They didn't seem to realize it is Saturday and I have no work this morning and no reason to get out of bed while it is still dark out. But yet they are always accustom to routine so very rarely do I get to sleep in on a weekend morning. Thunder already rolling in the skies and one shoot of lightening was more than enough to make our big dog assume there was rain although there was not. So out she did not go. Whining at the door way putting her brakes on. I stepped out and coaxed her outdoors and shut the door behind me. A few hours later now, the children still sleep, hubbie is not yet home from working night shift and the thunder increases. I take the pups again outside to snap a few photo's of the coming rain clouds. I notice it is wonderfully cooler is it outside than indoors. I believe this calls for some outdoor work...quickly while I still can before it down pours. Thank you Lord for the coolness of today- the breeze blowing from outside to in is definitely a blessing from the heat we have been experiencing.

Weekending ahead...
big plans to...clean, tidy, animal cage clean, bake banana bread, get lost in a few good books, play some board games- monopoly and chess, enjoy family time, enjoy the cool rain while we can.

 Enjoy your weekend all, whatever it may bring!

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