Tuesday, August 26, 2014

For the Love of Goats & Exercise Inspiration

My husband knows me so well. I think its crazy sometimes how different we are yet on the same token how the same we are in regards to our family, our children and the path our lives have taken. I always continue to think there is no one else I could have gone on this journey with. He bought a magazine to read at work the other night...also knowing that I'd appreciate the articles too. He was proud to turn to the Goat article and show me. Yes...I dream of goats. Maybe not today, or even months down the road...but some day is a nice thought. I don't know what it is that draws me to them- their quirky playful personalities, the endearing sounds they make, those goofy eyes, the thought of a natural weed-eater, the possibility of goat-cheese? since we as 'vegetarians' still do partake in some cheese. Who knows. Who knows when and for what. But I've never had the inkling for a cow or a pig or a sheep...just a goat. And maybe way down the road a horse or two. But for now, thoughts and dreams, reading and research.


After some evening reading the other eve after dinner, me with my goats, our daughter with the Hunger Games and our son with Guardians of Gahoole, our daughter suggested some evening exercise and our son suggested a game of soccer in the baseball field near our home. Our daughter wanting to improve physically with goals of becoming stronger with more stamina and strength is an inspiration. She is encouraging me to do the exercise program she found herself online - so I agreed. Two nights now we have ventured to the field to do sit ups, push ups, pull ups, weights, running, walking and ending with a game of soccer - in which I swear the game of soccer is rougher on me that the work out! Blessed that the kids are inspiring and encouraging me to work out and get into shape as well. Between a day of yard work and an eve of exercising my body was hating me...yet in the morning felt great. I think this is a routine we will keep up- our daughter's goal is to follow this exercise program to build herself up for at least 3 months. I'm so proud of her for setting her own goals to achieve.

Inspiration and encouragement lifts the soul, heart and mind.

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