Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Week

This week has been somewhat slow and slow down is good. Rain over the weekend made it a great time to clean, be outdoors in the cooler weather and get some outdoor work done. Monday hubbie took off of work and we all headed to the river come eve for a picnic dinner, swimming and star gazing. We tried a new recipe of 'Tuna' Sandwiches minus the Tuna (see below). Tuesday brought 4H and a late night at home family movie (Divergent) with kids getting into bed at nearly midnight. As hubbie and I celebrate our 15 year anniversary this week we escaped for a movie date (we saw Lucy) at the theater which we couldn't even remember the last time we had been to the movie theater- we laughed about it because when we were dating that was pretty much our go to date was the movies. It was a nice outing just the two of then picked up dinner to bring home to the kids so we could all eat together. Now its laundry day, work day, clean up day...and sneaking in a little board game and chess fun too.

Looking forward to a fun friday and weekend as our daughter has a sleep over with a friend, we get some one on one time with our son and we venture to a small stock animal practice for 4H to prep for the upcoming Fair.

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